Towels and much more for home and personal care

This is one of our largest divisions with over 600 SKUs at the moment. We continue to innovate and adapt to market trends and needs.

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Our collections are:

1. Cleaning: The highest quality mop that will give you a clean and healthy home.

2. Kitchen: The highest quality cleaning that will give you a clean and healthy home.

3. Baby: The newest and most beautiful collection focused to the spoiled of the house, softness and durability to pamper your baby. Our featured products are bathrope, towels, smooth and stamp flannel.

4. Home: Towels of the highest quality, excellent absorption, softness and an elegant experience for your home. Just the one you deserve. We have 5 different brands and a wide variety of colors.


5. Summer: Our most colorful and vibrant towel collection. The most robust towel with greater durability, absorption and value for your money. For the most persevering, a towel that works at your level.


5. Amazonia: Amazonia is a towel made with recycled yarn that saves water, energy, CO2 emissions and toxic chemicals. Amazonia by Faxel transports you to the Petén jungle with only one drying at a time.


6. Hotel & Spa: Towels of the highest quality, excellent absorption, softness and an elegant experience for your business. We have 5 different brands.


7. Promotional: The only towel that is good, pretty and cheap that you can find. Unica takes care of your finances and at the same time your skin. Taking care of your skin does not mean neglecting your wallet.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We manufacture Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products, using approved fabrics with high quality materials for a perfect balance between protection and comfort.

Which are:

Faxel Traje Biomedico Economico frente.p
Faxel Delantal Industrial basico frente.
Faxel Protector de Cabeza.png

1. Masks: we have a variety of masks, different styles and designs for your comfort and protection. Disposable and reusable.

2. Gowns: we make medical and nursing gowns in three types of fabrics and complete biomedical suit.



3. Apron: We have industrial aprons in three types of fabrics and grammages according to your needs.


4. Protectors: We have disposable face, head and foot protectors.



We offer traditional and sustainable yarn and fabric solutions as raw materials for the main brands in the United States, Central America and the Caribbean.

Which are:

1. Yarn: We convert textile waste into value added yarn. Open End threads, NE 0.60 to 30/1, twisted with multiple strands. Available in ecru, white and color.



2. Flat Fabrics: We manufacture a variety of fabrics such as flannel, towel cloth, canva cloth, mattress cloth, canvas.